Pastor: David Parsons served as a pastor of two congregations for over seven years on the Fort Apache Reservation in Arizona before moving to Tucson in January of 2016.  He and his wife René have five young children.  The youngest was born in Tucson in 2017.






Choir Director: Beckie Grube

Sunday School Superintendent: Linda Sherwood

Organists: Beckie Grube, Susie Koehler, René Parsons


President: Dave Sherwood

Vice President: Dave Dzurick

Recording Secretary: Kent Phillips

Luther_sealFinancial Secretary: Nathan Hartzell

Treasurer: Mike Festerling

Board of Elders:
Al Jaeger
Josh Kopecky
Randy Welch

Board of Trustees:
Brian Bahnsen
Eric Bemis
Dennis Gephart

Board of Education:
Brad Clifford
Jeff Rosenberg
Tom Gardiner